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    How far away should your bug out property be?

    One of the major factors when choosing a location for a bug out property is just how far away (or close) it should be.  You need it to be easily accessible yet far enough from urban locations that masses of people leaving large urban centers are not a huge concern, at least during the initial panic from SHTF situations.  Here are some pretty important things to keep in mind when it comes to the location of your bug out property.

    You don’t want your bug out location too far away that you cannot make it there in a single tank of gas – with plenty of gas to spare.  When SHTF, you cannot rely on any gas stations being available to fill up at, so if your bug out location is further than say 2/3 of a tank of gas away, you will need to be prepared to travel on foot and carry your supplies.

    How many routes
    You should ideally have at LEAST six routes of travel to get to your bug out location.  Not only that, you should have a mixture of routes via interstates and backroads, so you can make split second decisions about what route would be best.  Remember interstates can be clogged with evacuating traffic quickly, and they will be the first routes hit with any road blocks.  On the other hand, back roads can be slower and less safe depending on the security situation.  You should also know any towns/cities along the route, and know what parts of each you should avoid or how you can skirt around them.

    Getting there on foot
    What if there was an EMP or a situation occurs which leaves you without a vehicle or with an empty tank of gas.  How long will it take to walk to your location?  Many people – particuarly those in good shape and with ample supplies at their bug out location – have plans to hike/walk 3-7 days to their bug out locations.  Others with bikes and trailers plan to bike the distance in 3-7 days.  To be aware that a bike will make you a larger target for thieves in a SHTF situation.

    Grouping up
    Even if you aren’t comfortable revealing your bug out location to others, teaming up with other prepared families or indivuduals planning to get out of dodge im your same general direction can make a safety in numbers situation in regards to travel, especially if you need to stop for rest.  With a larger prepared group, you might be prepared to cover a bit longer distance, whether by foot or vehicle.

    Ideally, you want to make sure that getting to your bug out location against all kinds of odds is possible.  Sure, there might be some great property options three states over from you, but if you can’t easily reach it in a SHTF situation, you are simply wasting time and money, unless you plan to resell it to be able to purchase something that is in your budget and travel distance.